KDS builds logic-based decision tress using software from Berkeley Bridge.  We build models which are available for use/purchase, systems to run on client hardware and offer consulting for knowledge-based projects.

Berkeley Bridge is a Dutch company that makes software designed to bridge the gap between expertise and technology.

Sample models appear below. (They don’t really appear below, we’re just saying that right now and will add them later.)

Model #1

This is the first model. It’s pretty good.

Model #2

This is the second model. It’s way better than Model #1. Everyone know that.

Model #3

This is the third model. It’s pretty impressive but it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi that the second model has.

Model #4

This is the fourth model. This model really restarts the whole process. Some people don’t like it and think that the first three models were all that was needed. Other people think that Model #4 is the best of the bunch and really takes the set of sample models in interesting and new directions. “A much needed refresh,” say some model users. “Derivative trash that dishonors the original three models,” say other grumpy folks.