Knowledge Driven Systems makes tools to simplify business & legal tasks.

Among the tasks that can be accomplished are:

Legal Analysis

Breaking the law? Maybe you are. You should ask a lawyer . . . NOT. Lawyers are a rip-off. Give this a shot – we guarantee at some meaningful percentage that the answer to your legal question is behind this wall. And if our system can’t help you out, you probably are breaking the law and should cease and desist activities immediately.

Document Creation & Automation

OK, so you remember that time when you were like, defs want to go outside and play wiffle ball but I’m supposed to put together this ISDA and I don’t know the first thing about an ISDA (like those kids in that movie – you know the one). This solves your problem. Don’t believe us? Whatever, go somewhere else.


Let’s say that the legal analysis reveals to you that you were supposed to do something, and you didn’t, and now the gov’t like, Hey! Where is this f*cking disclosure document?! (The gov’t doesn’t talk like this, so, I don’t know – maybe you’re on a trading floor in this example. Let’s get back on track.) These tools go through compliance checklists, and make sure you cross your Ts and dot the Is.


For whatever reason, you were arrogant and didn’t subscribe to our other services. You broke the law, had dreadful documentation, were temporarily suspended by the SEC, but now you’re getting back on your feet. A new firm has agreed to hire you, but how will they prove to the SEC that you are fulfilling your monthly testing and continuing ed requirements during this probationary period? Here’s how: Testing on insider trading, new rules and regs, and everything else.